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  • Thus protected and connected, the fetus is enriched throughout its growth phase. And some of them develop an addiction to this infinite knowledge.Add chain (or not!)   

  • This organic matrix has mutated on its own to provide a perception of the world to the embryo, as well as infallible physical protection.Add chain (or not!)   

  • One day, for the equality of all, we decided to create an independent matrix for fetal development.Add chain (or not!)   

  • Pretty fetus swimming in circles in its transparent resin ball.Add chain (or not!)   

  • Transparent resin pendant housing a small thing in polymer clay.Add chain (or not!)   

  • Resin drop surmounted by its outgrowth in polymer clay concealing a Spirit of Blood within it.Add chain (or not!)   

  • Small thing dreaming in the voluptes of its alcove in resin. Forms take shape in its ethereal environment.Add chain (or not!)   

  • Sleeping Embryo in its transparent resin cocoon and its red placental spirals ...Add Chain (or not!)    

  • Small being in its drop of resin, bathing in its red orange placenta. Add chain (or not!)   

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