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  • One day, the future. Technical limitations and the constant demand for information flow will sweep humanity on the road to limitless biotechnology. Observe the result: a whirlwind, a constant mix of data, the essence of postmodern life. Add chain (or not!)   

  • If technology allows, will we discover that our cells contain primitive cellular artifacts such as this one? Do we hide vestiges of space deep within ourselves? Add chain (or not!)   

  • A piece of extraterrestrial engineering. What better than a fragment of universe imprisoned to travel the stars?Our distant neighbors have long understood this and, thanks to this fragment, feed their civilizations, their ships and their bodies for eons. Add chain (or not!)   

  • This eccentric parasite red scarlet is dangerous. It feeds on the blood of its host to grow and develop its tentacles. He needs you to spread across the galaxy. Add chain (or not!)   

  • Have other civilizations in the universe developed a belief in mysticism? At the sight of this stone and its promontoir clearly created to read in the celestial immensity, it is quite possible that other entities seek answers in the infinite. Add chain (or not!)   

  • In this bubble are present all the ingredients necessary for the creation of a biomech entity: carbon components, nutrients and hypnotic reflections.So that not all biomech individuals become clones, we change the substrate on which it fuses with the hypnotic miasma in perpetual ripple. Add chain (or not!)   

  • A fragment of fusing, growing humanity, interlocking with its metallic environment to create a new entity: a biomecanoid.Add chain (or not!)   

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