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  • It has never been known if these jellyfish possessed the reflection of the souls of their former owners. However, looking at them, we can not doubt.Add chain (or not!)   

  • To improve transplantation, humanity had the idea of ​​mixing the cellular attributes of jellyfish with the nutrient substrate used. Thus was created the jellyfish of flesh.Add chain (or not!)   

  • In a distant time, in a period of constant war, a reconciliation between certain mechanists and alchemists was born. The fruit of this fusion has breathed life into mechanical creations normally inanimate.       

  • This little agitator loves the Steampunk parties, there is no doubt. By cons, the copper is not her thing, she, what she likes is the antic bronze. Add chain (or not!)      

  • Thus protected and connected, the fetus is enriched throughout its growth phase. And some of them develop an addiction to this infinite knowledge.Add chain (or not!)   

  • This organic matrix has mutated on its own to provide a perception of the world to the embryo, as well as infallible physical protection.Add chain (or not!)   

  • One day, for the equality of all, we decided to create an independent matrix for fetal development.Add chain (or not!)   

  • This abandoned embryo is covered with love and attention itself. He uses his tentacles to compensate for his status as a solitary entity by creating a comforting alcove. He fears nothing, neither the past nor the future. Add chain (or not!)   

  • One day, the future. Technical limitations and the constant demand for information flow will sweep humanity on the road to limitless biotechnology. Observe the result: a whirlwind, a constant mix of data, the essence of postmodern life. Add chain (or not!)   

  • Like her sisters, she carries the entire universe in her womb through the ether. But in the image of its content, young, this jellyfish universe is more reserved than others. She tries to handle the constant changes in her. Add chain (or not!)      

  • If technology allows, will we discover that our cells contain primitive cellular artifacts such as this one? Do we hide vestiges of space deep within ourselves? Add chain (or not!)   

  • Like its sisters, the jellyfish of Universe 14 is the answer to an essential scientific question: What are we living in? And because of its existence, it also responds to the theory of parallel universes. Add chain (or not!)      

  • In the near future, when the evenings will become too hardcore in sensations, in various drugs and in duration that there will remain more than a part of ourselves in constant neon trip. A warning, an invitation ? Up to you. Add chain (or not!)   

  • You're really elegant in this tangle of twisted tentacles. They really highlight your unique eye and give you a desirable look. You are completely in the theme: "Alien in sexy meeting of world domination" Add chain (or not!)   

  • A small abandoned embryo who decided that no, he does not have to deal with this f***ing life. Thanks to his latent psychic abilities, he creates an environment favorable to his development. While protecting himself from the outside world thanks to his tentacles. Add chain (or not!)   

  • A piece of extraterrestrial engineering. What better than a fragment of universe imprisoned to travel the stars?Our distant neighbors have long understood this and, thanks to this fragment, feed their civilizations, their ships and their bodies for eons. Add chain (or not!)   

  • This small thing, surrounded by sharp tentacles, is the future matriarch of biomecanoids, the center of their collective intelligence, their genetic and ancestral memory. Add chain (or not!)   

  • This eccentric parasite red scarlet is dangerous. It feeds on the blood of its host to grow and develop its tentacles. He needs you to spread across the galaxy. Add chain (or not!)   

  • A biomecanoid entity in full development.A huge blueberry tentacle, resulting from the fusion of organic and metal, escapes from the nutritive substrate surrounding the fetus of this species. Add chain (or not!)   

  • A strange discovery found during an aurora borealis at the Arctic Circle. Researchers are wondering what is this new form of life that creates such metal tentacles and shines a thousand fires. Add chain (or not!)   

  • Have other civilizations in the universe developed a belief in mysticism? At the sight of this stone and its promontoir clearly created to read in the celestial immensity, it is quite possible that other entities seek answers in the infinite. Add chain (or not!)   

  • In this bubble are present all the ingredients necessary for the creation of a biomech entity: carbon components, nutrients and hypnotic reflections.So that not all biomech individuals become clones, we change the substrate on which it fuses with the hypnotic miasma in perpetual ripple. Add chain (or not!)   

  • A fragment of fusing, growing humanity, interlocking with its metallic environment to create a new entity: a biomecanoid.Add chain (or not!)   

  • The collector, an entity from beyond ages and civilizations, keeps artifacts of all creations in this universe. Among these artifacts, the collector possesses a fragment of human life

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