My convictions?

♦ Create from raw materials: I work with resin and polymer clay, and all my jewels have at least one element 100% handmade, usually the cabochon (the "stone" or the eyes), and all my one of a kind jewels are made entirely from raw materials.

♦ Do not follow trends and even less reproduce what has already been done ... Here, there is only original! In every sense of the word!

♦ Offer quality jewelry, solid and with a minimum of allergenic materials! If you are particularly sensitive, contact me!


How it's made?

My eyes are cabochons made of resin from photos reworked on computer, repainted by me glitter pigments to give them a sparkle of life!

The other cabochons and stones (galaxy, boreal, steampunk ...) are made with techniques that I developed in my workshop.

The materials

I specialize in resin (so what I use to make eyes, stones and drops).

The resin is a liquid material, which cures after mixing with a catalyst, and therefore needs to be cast in a mold.
Except for rare exceptions, I make my own silicone molds of high quality, so you will not find these forms anywhere else!

Polymer clay is a plastic modeling clay that hardens in the oven.
After cooking, it remains slightly flexible and resists shocks.

You can contact me for any customization request or custom creation!


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